Monday, August 18, 2014

We Refresh Our Collective Memories. And Apologies For A Bad GM's Blogging Habits.

 The Story so far ….

The party is in Earlgard, one of the northern city states above the border of Asselin. The city states are independent and proud, noble and free, and exert their dominance over the lands and forests proudly, independent, knowing that the larger kingdom to the south watches them with covetous eyes and waits for any opportunity to grab up the fractured states piece-meal in little bits. The Orc war, against their opponents to the west and north, have thus far been successful and have stalled on the northern and western shore of the Imber river, currently having fallen back to the foothills, forests and the mountains of their home to regroup for the winter. 

Snow falls for now and the armies are not moving as they huddle about their fires and seek the warmth.


The party sits in Earlgard looking at their various possibilities.

- They have a treaty dispute currently with the River Kinken having changed its course and taken a slice out of the Gnome's holding and the city state of Morrell wanting to hold on to it. The Gnomes seek mediation and have turned to the Elven Lord Jamgretot Glimmergaun the Much Sung to adjudicate. His lordship has deferred to the lord of earlgard as he normally does in Human-related matters and turned the whole snarled ball of string over to Baron Albertus Gudrun, the Baron of Earlgard and the father of Hansbrecht Gudrun, who has been summoned to help settle the situation.
- There is continued meddling by the Society of the Shroud in the War with the Orcs, and their adding of evil to the process. What are they doing? Have they added? Troops? Have they brought demons through the gates? Are they bringing Magicks to the mix? Who knows? Who cares? (Who Cares?!!!)
- What about the voices that Hans has been here, softly in the night, when no one is there, gently calling “Help … Me ...”? What do they mean? What about the rumor that the duke in Rynurt, Cernunt, who is rumored to have three of Der Rheinfolk, a giant otter-like folk, held hostage, who Hans having grown up with has an affinity to? Or the visions of the dark Orb Hans has been having?
- What about the female dwarven Paladin Maetra Amatdotr who has a sall for guarding the Torn Mountain fortress while attempts to raise a small force to rescue a Dwarven princess from bondage?
- And what has happened to Hans' sword master and the school where he spent long and painful, scarred hours, learning his trade, absorbing the tricks of his trade and the movements of his art, the techniques of his style? Where has the older man gone and what is the condition of the school?

As can be seen, there are many threads in the tapestry of the campaign carpet and as it begins to unravel, it is up to the characters to pull up the warp and weft and tighten the threads to make the complete weave necessary for this story.

(Many Thanks to Lone Wolf Development for their software Realm Works and helping me to keep track of all the various People, Groups, Place, Things, Events, and Others. For additional info:

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